Learn how to get affordable, high data rate, uninterrupted satellite connectivity on government aircraft

Accessing up-to-the-minute information while airborne is vital to ensure the safety of those on board and in-theater, and to execute urgent government missions. However, managing a network and the services necessary to support around-the-clock communications with high data-rate transmissions and global agility can burden internal resources, budgets and manpower.

This panel will discuss cost-effective in-flight broadband connectivity options to serve a wide range of military aircraft for en- route and ISR applications. FlexAir is offered through Solutions Providers who can provide a full end-to-end service utilizing a variety of low-SWaP pre-approved antennas. Join us to find out how FlexAir can substantially improve your in-flight communications.

During this presentation you will learn:

  • How to achieve the highest data rates possible on a government aircraft for en-route and ISR applications.
  • How to achieve these data rates at very affordable rates.
  • How the managed network will perform.
  • How to save complexity, time and money when using FlexAir.
  • Details about the antenna profiles that will perform best on the network.

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