A transformative approach to delivering reliable inflight broadband service enables Intelsat to provide commercial and executive flight organizations the ability to cost-effectively solve for air travelers’ ever-increasing need for high-performance connectivity.


From purpose-built networks to end-to-end managed services, we’re driving innovation for governments around the world through secure and seamless high-performance, global connectivity solutions.

ISPs | MNOs | Telcos

Our powerful enterprise networking suite, comprised of cost-effective cellular backhaul, internet, wide area networking and private line/trunking services, help companies deliver true value and exceed user expectations.

Land Mobility

Our ubiquitous, high-performance, always-on connectivity solutions enhance operational efficiencies, increase productivity for industries like oil and gas, rail and mining—even disaster response and civil defense efforts.


The world’s largest shipping companies, cruise lines, superyachts, and offshore mining enterprises rely on Intelsat secure and reliable solutions to ensure continuous access to bandwidth-intensive applications and platforms essential for every journey.


With new and emerging platforms and systems, Intelsat is ensuring global enterprises can delight audiences around the world through consistent, secure and uninterrupted broadcasting and streamlined distribution models.

Professional Satellite Services

Decades of experience in satellite design and construction, launch, transfer orbit, in-orbit testing, and operations, Intelsat helps you accelerate your business with confidence.

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