Service Offerings

Our service offerings help you address a wide range of government and commercial satellite communications requirements. Our 50+ years as an industry leader give us the expertise and seasoning to understand your challenges and provide innovative high-tech solutions to overcome them.

Our end-to-end communications solutions allow you to link any combination of satellite bandwidth and terrestrial services to your equipment and networks, delivering real-time information via satellite to your land, sea and air platforms. We also provide you with managed network services based on iDirect technology on any of our satellites.

With our satellite-related services, we can move your satellite to the proper LEO, MEO or GEO orbit following launch and then you can use our flight operations centers to keep your satellites in the correct orbital planes to free your resources for other missions. You can also place a hosted payload on one of our state-of-the-art satellites to achieve the fastest, most efficient access to space.

Our extensive Case Studies demonstrate how our solutions help you deliver communications services to your global operations.

Case Study

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is at the forefront in preventing the spread of disease and infections around the globe. It has operations…

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Satellite Primer

Satellites can provide global, ubiquitous and multi-point communications and also play a major role in designing, developing and expanding networks. This paper serves as an…

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