Satellite Construction Oversight & Launch Management

Our engineers have years of experience in satellite procurement and spacecraft operations. The lessons they have learned directly benefit your programs. In addition, we leverage years of engineering know-how and deep experience with the major satellite manufacturers that result in the delivery of a more reliable spacecraft. We help you with:

  • Early definition of satellite requirements
  • RFP generation and evaluation
  • Technical exhibits review and negotiation
  • Proactive oversight of program at manufacturer’s facility
  • Additional technical support as needed
  • Launch integration support


  • Seasoned monitoring services can help circumvent spacecraft and launcher issues with lessons learned from a broad spectrum of satellite manufacturing and acquisition experience
  • Continuous presence and technical support induce contractor attention and discipline
  • Improved schedule performance due to expedient resolution of issues
  • Sustained technical continuity throughout program
  • Insurers respect Intelsat’s reputation for excellence and reflect this in premiums
  • Higher product reliability, lower risk of failures and longer service life due to rigorous construction monitoring