eNews is our quarterly customer newsletter which includes a timely message from our President, Skot Butler, a customer case study, upcoming events and the latest news happenings at IGC.

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Demonstrations Validate Interference Mitigation and Beam Switching on EpicNG Satellites BY SKOT BUTLER, PRESIDENT, INTELSAT GENERAL CORPORATION Intelsat now has five of our new high-throughput…Read More

IGC eNews July 2017

Progress on EpicNG, OneWeb and New Ground Terminals Bring Higher Performance By Skot Butler, President, Intelsat General Corporation Over the past few weeks, we have…Read More

IGC eNews April 2017

Intelsat-OneWeb Merger: Enhanced Connections for Government Users At the recent Satellite 2017 conference in Washington, DC, we heard a number…Read More

IGC eNews December 2016

HTS + RPAs = Tastier Produce and Higher Crop Yields as Flat-Panel Antennas Open a Range of New Unmanned Aircraft Applications…Read More

IGC eNews September 2016

In my two decades in the space industry, one thing I’ve learned is that “change is constant.” New competitors appear. Customer requirements…Read More

IGC eNews April 2016

IGC Team Will Continue on the Same Path with New Leader As I begin my tenure as president of Intelsat General I…Read More