Spectrum Monitoring

With a global system of stations monitoring the Intelsat satellite fleet, you receive value-added insight into your network operations. We routinely assesses Quality of Service (QoS) on a proactive basis, providing you with information in near real-time, with low-cost web access to our system interfaces so that you can determine performance versus reference data and track operations over a period of time. You can also co-locate your own monitoring equipment for use with our antennas. Our monitoring services offer you:

  • Worldwide Communications System Monitor (CSM) and Remote Spectrum Analyzer Network (RSAN) stations to provide information on satellite power and bandwidth performance versus capability
  • Transmitter Location System to identify interfering signals to quickly restore your service
  • Alarm notifications and limit checking via e-mail
  • Low-rate monitoring of carriers performed four times per day with Intelsat’s standard system analysis
  • Positive control with a measurement frequency of 48 times per day or higher
  • Web interface to over 20 measured, calculated and reference monitoring parameters
  • Tabulated or plotted data for several measured parameters