Mobility Communications Solutions

Having reliable communications on the move can be vital for many of your activities and mission-critical operations, whether manned or unmanned. By using our global network, you can have broadband mobile connectivity at speeds that dwarf legacy narrowband solutions, whether for en-route communications, surveillance and reconnaissance missions, or remote operations. Whether you are maneuvering on land, sea or air, our C-, Ku- and X-band mobility solutions provide capacity, coverage and connectivity for all types of applications. And our real-time network monitoring tools allow you to see your network and manage it directly.

Mobility Communications Solutions

Our mobile solutions allow you to leverage iDirect and Comtech EF Data technologies and include service options that can be tailored to your unique needs. Our hub technologies feature built-in AES encryption, ensuring secure communications and supported Quality of Service (QoS) for your voice applications.

Satellite Communications for Global Broadband Mobility

Mobility Communications Solutions

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Ku-band Mobility & Epic Map

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