About Intelsat General

Krishnan Haridasan

Director, New Products and Solutions

Krishnan Haridasan is Director, New Products and Solutions at IGC and provides technical and strategic leadership in the areas of product and solutions development. Responsible for the new services roadmap at IGC, he is currently leading the product-launch effort to capitalize on the Open Architecture Intelsat EpicNG HTS platform. In addition, Krishnan is in charge of the entire proposal production/development activities at IGC, to include strategic competitive analysis and technical solutions development.

Krishnan joined IGC in 2013, after a versatile career spanning Solutions Development, Professional Engineering Services, Strategic Analyses, SBIR and Business Development consulting functions for U.S. federal agencies in Defense, Homeland Security and International Development. His two decades in SATCOM includes niche solutions for resource-constrained settings and leading-edge work at start-ups and large companies, beginning at COMSAT Laboratories in 1998. Prior to that, he performed award-winning research now cited in numerous patents in Digital Video Coding and Compression.

Krishnan has a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park.