IntelsatOne Flex for Maritime

IntelsatOne® Flex for Maritime

The maritime sector – from shipping companies to the offshore segment to cruise ship operators – is undergoing a sea of change. Broadband demands are exploding. Routes are changing. Operational, regulatory and crew requirements are putting added pressure on ship operators to provide reliable service throughout a vessel’s entire journey. Infographic-Maritime-1Applications that monitor ship performance and keep charts updated are dramatically increasing bandwidth consumption. With 75% of crew members bringing their own internet accessible devices aboard commercial ships, their use of the internet is exceeding the limits of the bandwidth that has typically been available.

How can you incorporate new high-throughput satellite technologies into your existing networks to meet your customer’s, ship operators, growing bandwidth demand? More importantly, how can you achieve this with constrained operational budgets?

And to complicate things further, your customer’s trade routes and bandwidth requirements are constantly evolving, which puts you into a vicious cycle of constantly buying new beams and reconfiguring your network to meet demand.

What if you could integrate HTS into your infrastructure and manage the network with a reduced CAPEX investment?

What is IntelsatOne Flex?

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IntelsatOne Flex Mbps services provide access to pre-defined zones with a guaranteed SLA. Intelsat manages beam selection to meet the Service Providers’s requirements.

IntelsatOne Flex is a customizable wholesale Mbps service offered to service providers that aggregates Intelsat’s prime space segment (Intelsat EpicNG and select wide beams), the IntelsatOne terrestrial network and the HTS optimized iDirect Velocity® platform, into a simplified unified ecosystem. IntelsatOne Flex features include:

  • Enterprise-grade, wholesale Mbps service, with tiered plans to meet the Committed Information Rate (CIR) requirements of the service provider
  • Service providers using IntelsatOne Flex can customize, contend, prioritize and shape their bandwidth for their end-customer market segments
  • Flexible operational environment allows services providers to easily scale services to meet surge requirements or geographic additions
  • Ability to leverage wide beams for broadcast applications to the aircraft or vessel, and spot beams for high throughput data

IntelsatOne Flex Benefits

Quick and cost-effective expansion while retaining control over service differentiation, brand and visibility of end terminals

Lower total cost of ownership through shared infrastructure eliminates unnecessary bandwidth overhead by scaling the network for average versus peak demand