Intelsat EpicNG High -Throughput Satellite Platform

Horizons 3e Successfully Launched; Completing Intelsat EpicNG’s Global Coverage

 First Global C-and Ku-band High-Throughput Satellite Platform

Built by Boeing and based on the award-winning Intelsat EpicNG design, Horizons 3e will bring high throughput satellite solutions in both C-and Ku-bands to Asia and the Pacific Ocean region from its orbital slot at 169ºE. The satellite will complete Intelsat EpicNG’s global coverage and provide broadband, mobility and government customers with unmatched performance, resiliency and redundancy. Horizons 3e is expected to commence service in the first quarter of 2019.

Horizons 3e is the first Intelsat EpicNG satellite to feature a multiport amplifier that enables power portability across all Ku-band spot beams. With the multiport amplifier, power can be adjusted to each beam to meet customer throughput demands.   This enhanced, advanced digital payload features full beam interconnectivity in three commercial bands and significant upgrades on power, efficiency and coverage flexibility.  By matching satellite power usage to traffic demands, aeronautical and maritime mobility, fixed and wireless network operators, corporate enterprise and government customers can leverage the additional efficiency improvements to expand their network and applications across the Asia Pacific region.  In addition to the power sharing technology, Horizons 3e provides additional resiliency to the IntelsatOne Flex managed service platform, for use in enterprise, government and mobility applications.




Benefits of the Intelsat EpicNG Platform

High Performance. Open Architecture.

Intelsat EpicNG offers you a major design breakthrough for increased satellite throughput and performance. This new constellation of high-throughput spacecraft marks the progressive evolution of our global network, incorporating new C, Ku and Ka spot beams into our fleet to create differentiated solutions for your applications. The high-performance platform is designed to exceed the capabilities of leading service providers, enabling throughput in the range of 25-60 Gbps per satellite, about 10 times that of traditional satellites and triple that of next-generation Ka-band solutions. Higher throughput will provide you with technical and economic benefits for a wide range of your satellite communication applications.

Performance Advantages

  • High performance and lower cost per-bit
  • Supports migration from MSS to broadband FSS
  • Compatible with a range of multi-media on-the-move applications
  • Addresses current and expected areas of operations and surge


  • Compatible with your network concept of operations
  • Supports broadcast or multicast imagery dissemination
  • Offers full data path agility with IntelsatOne or your own sanctuary gateways
  • Delivers guaranteed access to capacity for mission critical applications
  • Open architecture
    1. Backward compatibility allows use of your existing network infrastructure and your network topology for lower total cost
    2. Forward compatible as ground technology advances


  • Compliant with Information Assurance standards for resilience
  • Provides enhanced quality assurance surveillance capabilities


Intelsat EpicNG Map


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