Network Broadband Services

Shared Networks: iDirect Shared Network

Intelsat General offers shared satellite communications networks based on iDirect technology. These pre-engineered networks provide connectivity between remote sites using Internet Protocol (IP) communications. Customers are guaranteed a duplex committed information rate (CIR) on the network and can burst into unused bandwidth (inbound or outbound) capacity.

The shared service seeks to provide the flexibility to:

  • Tailor an offering to a single user’s requirements and budget
  • Provide solid assurance that the network will not be over-subscribed

Horizons-1 satellite – CONUS coverage

The network:

  • Consists of a 4.2 Mbps outbound channel (from the teleport)
  • Has two (2) 1.5 Mbps inbound (to the teleport) return channels
  • Services are shared by all users on the network
  • Provides a 99.5% availability for service within the defined region in the footprint below using a 1.2m/8w or a 1.8m/4w VSAT

IS-901 @ 342°E

The network:

  • Provides a 99.5% availability for service within the defined region in the footprint below using a 1.2m antenna a 4w BUC
  • Guaranteed duplex service at the committed information rate (CIR) of the purchased service level
  • Provides bursting (both inbound and outbound) into any unused bandwidth. CIRs up to 64kbps can burst up to 512kbps. CIRs of 128kbps or greater can burst to the full capacity of the network (in this case 1.5 Mbps x 3 Mbps)

Network Broadband Maritime Network: Global Automatic Beam Switching – Worldwide Coverage Anytime, Anywhere

Intelsat General’s Network Broadband (NBB) GLOBAL Maritime service is specifically designed for vessels demanding constant, high-speed IP access for converged voice, data and internet applications on one platform – anywhere, anytime. Features include:

  • Always-on broadband access
  • Global broadband solution from a single platform
  • Seamless C-Band coverage worldwide
  • Cost-effective solution with predictable fixed monthly service charges per vessel
  • Guaranteed, engineered CIRs with variable max burst rates per vessel
  • Increased user experience and improved crew morale
  • Supports a variety of IP services for voice, data and internet applications
  • Continuous broadband coverage is achieved by linking C-Band global beams (on IS-605 at 174°E, IS-707 at 307°E, and IS-906 at 64°E) with Intelsat’s IntelsatONE teleport infrastructure, iDirect based hubs, state-of-the-art Global Network Monitoring System (GNMS) and Automatic Beam Switching (ABS) providing vessels with seamless coverage from one ocean region to another.
  • A shared access service offering guaranteed, engineered CIRs, diverse user profiles and burst capabilities from 128kbps up to 512kbps based on a flat fee per vessel per month. The Intelsat General Network Broadband GLOBAL Maritime is designed to provide highly reliable service supporting all vessel applications such as: VoIP, web-browsing, email, real-time file transfers, VPN connectivity, as well as, vessel and fleet management information exchange.