Future Communications Satellite Acquisition

The Future Commercial Satellite Communications Services Acquisition (FCSA) allows government customers to acquire commercial satellite communications (COMSATCOM) services. The FCSA program is intended to replace expiring DISA and GSA contracts.

The FCSA program includes two new Schedule Items Numbers (SINs) under the GSA IT Schedule 70 Multiple Awards Schedule and a multiple award Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantity (ID /IQ) solicitation. The program provides end-to-end satellite communications solutions — Custom Satellite Solutions (CS2).

Intelsat General has been awarded Schedule 70 contracts in each of the two new SINs.

SIN 132-54

Commercial Satellite Communications Transponded Capacity — Includes dedicated bandwidth and power on communications satellites in any available COMSATCOM frequency band, including, but not limited to, L, S, C, X, Ku, extended Ku, Ka and UHF. Services allow customer-proposed waveforms and industry-approved solutions to apply leased bandwidth to meet individual requirements, as well as:

  • Limited engineering (e.g., development of link budgets, transmission plans)
  • Basic customer training (e.g., acquiring satellite signal, peak and polarization)
  • Core management and control of the transponded capacity
  • All required approvals (e.g., frequency clearances, landing rights), and Host Nation Agreements (HNAs)

COMSATCOM Transponded Capacity requirements range from small fractions of a single transponder within a single coverage area to multiple transponders on multiple satellites with worldwide coverage for short durations measured in hours or days to long durations measured in years.

SIN 132-55

Commercial Satellite Communications Subscription Services — Includes pre-existing, pre-engineered Fixed Satellite Service and/or Mobile Satellite Service solutions. This includes shared or dedicated satellite resources, ancillary terrestrial components, and contractor specified networks and equipment, in any available COMSATCOM frequency band, including, but not limited to, L, S, C, X, Ku, extended Ku, Ka, and UHF. Subscription Services utilize contractor-determined waveforms and are billed on a per-use basis (e.g., dollars per minute, dollars per megabyte, dollars per month).

Subscription service rates include the network management, monitoring, engineering, integration and operations required to deliver the services, as well as leasing dedicated channels using the service provider’s waveform and technology, with guaranteed capacity and Quality of Service (QoS). Services include:

  • Satellite-based Internet, voice, data and video services
  • Emergency Response/Disaster Recovery voice and data networks
  • Worldwide digital transmission to connect mobile terminals to terrestrial networks
  • Connectivity to the Internet via satellite, delivering satellite communications service through portable satellite IP modems
  • Other pre-existing, pre-engineered or hybrid fixed and mobile satellite services