FlexAir for Government Aircraft

Meet rapidly growing demand for in-flight data connectivity with the first  satellite network optimized for government aircraft.  FlexAir provides flexibility, reliability and scalability and up to 10 times the data throughput of other managed networks.  As the most competitive offering in the marketplace, FlexAir delivers the highest data rates at the lowest cost per bit.  The service also enables government users to select among several service offerings, allowing them to choose the right plan based on their data rate and geographic needs without having to make an upfront commitment. With multi-layered, seamless, and consistent coverage, government users have the agility to optimize their service, provide a predictable cost structure that meets budget requirements, and deliver real value to Warfighters.

FlexAir: a global in-flight connectivity service designed for aircraft with high-performance requirements:

  • Global Coverage – a global Ku-band satellite network built around the latest HTS technology
  • A Range of Antennas – compatibility with multiple fuselage and tail mount antennas
  • Flexible Service Options – multiple service offerings adapted to different applications and requirements
  • An ecosystem of partners – network operations by Intelsat General with end-user care by solutions partners who provide value-added applications and technical expertise for specific airframes and missions

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FlexAir Brochure

FlexAir provides an affordable, flexible, secure and powerful way to stay connected.  Leveraging our global Intelsat EpicNG high-throughput satellite technology and fully integrated with our…

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FlexAir Global Network Coverage



Break the Barriers of Inflight Connectivity for Government Aircraft

Government Aircraft Connectivity Takes Flight with FlexAir - Infographic