First Response

Our nation’s terrestrial network is tremendously vulnerable to both natural disasters and human sabotage, making back-up satellite communications plans critically important to federal, state and local first responders.

Intelsat General First Response solutions are specifically designed to address first responders’ urgent need for fast and reliable communications in the field, both during the emergency response and in the months of recovery that follow.

In a disaster, our field equipment and satellites initially provide communications as rescue personnel assess the situation, provide immediate medical care and restore order. As the situation evolves, we move portable satellite-linked command centers into place to oversee food, water and shelter provisioning, protect public safety, and ensure continuity of operations for the disaster recovery teams.

Our technical experts can respond to communication needs anywhere in the world in a matter of hours, building short-term networks for voice, video and data to open lines of communication, speed recovery and promote public safety.

Intelsat General has been involved in disaster recovery situations to fight terrorism, provide human aid to war-stricken areas, assist with counter-drug surveillance, link soldiers to their families and reconnect areas torn apart by hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters.

We continue to lead the industry in disaster preparedness and recovery services due to our industry longevity and dedication to excellence.