Industry Teaming Provides for Rapid Service Implementation of Pentagon’s Asymmetric Warfare Group


By Light Professional IT Services provides a full range of hardware and software engineering services to defense, civilian and commercial customers worldwide. The company, based in Arlington, VA, also is an awardee of the Custom SATCOM Solutions-Small Business (CS2-SB) contract for the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). Along with industry teaming partners such as Intelsat General Corporation, By Light delivers satellite engineering services and end-to-end satellite solutions to government customers under this award.

By Light as the prime contractor and Intelsat General as the sub-contractor were recently were selected to provide satellite bandwidth and ground-based connectivity in support of the Pentagon’s Asymmetric Warfare Group’s activities abroad.

The CS-2 contract vehicle was created by the GSA in 2012 to streamline the process of providing commercial satellite services and solutions to the Department of Defense (DoD) and other government agencies. Previously, three small companies acted as brokers for all commercial SATCOM needed by the DoD. Under CS-2, the various branches of the military and other agencies can deal directly with the providers of the satellite services. By Light is one of four small businesses awarded the rights to bid on contracts under CS-2, and Intelsat General is one of eight large businesses holding CS-2 contracts.

The latest By Light award, supporting the Asymmetric Warfare Group (AWG), illustrates how quickly the commercial industry can move once a contract is awarded using the CS-2 contract vehicle. Under the proposal to the GSA from By Light and Intelsat General, the service needed by AWG would involve using multiple Intelsat teleports in the United States and abroad to connect with Intelsat’s satellites in order to meet a global coverage requirement. In addition, the contract requires diverse and redundant terrestrial circuits from Intelsat’s gateway to AWG’s network.

Kathleen Jeffery, Intelsat General’s sales director on the contract, said the companies were notified on March 29 that they had been selected to provide the service to AWG. When Intelsat General agreed with By Light to seek the contract, Jeffery said space was reserved on the two satellites so that it would be available. Almost immediately after the contract award, the Ellenwood teleport was advised to begin preparing to provide the service by setting up the correct frequencies to connect to the satellites.

She said that normally in such an award, the service will be tested and fully operational within days of the announcement.

“The speed with which we can implement such service is due to our robust network and round-the-clock engineering and operations expertise, both in space and on the ground,” Jeffery said.