It is important to have a ground infrastructure to complement your space segment. However, ground networks are a costly investment and are hard to manage. IntelsatOne operates seamlessly with our satellite technology to support hybrid satellite and fiber connectivity, with access to multiple platforms and teleports. You can combine the most cost-efficient options between space and terrestrial assets to rapidly deploy new end-to-end services with minimal investment, maximum flexibility and optimal reliability and security.

Whether you want to deliver video, data or voice content, you will benefit from the expanded service features available through IntelsatOne, including:

  • One simple, reliable source for multiple high-bandwidth services
  • Rapid deployment of new services with minimal investment
  • Enhanced security, including internet route-free core, traffic separation via IP/MPLS-based VPN capabilities and security embedded at the service layer
  • Managed services leveraging Intelsat technical and operational excellence

IntelsatOne Teleport Services

With IntelsatOne, you have access to Intelsat’s state-of-the-art teleports which are operated on a 24/7 basis. Intelsat’s eight strategically located teleports act as gateways between your satellite capacity and the IntelsatOne fiber network. You can leverage Intelsat’s infrastructure for a range of managed services from teleport and hub co-location operations to full end-to-end service. When you’re “on-net” with the IntelsatOne fiber network, you can seamlessly use any service available at any IntelsatOne teleport.

IntelsatOne Teleport Services include:

  • Broadband Services – Transponder Services, IntelsatOne Network Broadband, IntelsatOne International Private Line, IntelsatOne Internet Trunking, IntelsatOne Flex for Enterprise, IntelsatOne Terrestrial Network, IntelsatOne Teleport Services
  • Media Services – Occasional Use, Transponder Services, IntelsatOne Teleport Services, IntelsatOne Terrestrial Network, IntelsatOne MCPC
  • Mobility Services – Global Maritime Solutions, IntelsatOne Flex for Aviation, IntelsatOne Flex for Maritime, IntelsatOne Teleport Services
  • Teleport Services – Co-location Services, Disaster Recovery
  • Satellite Operations – Tracking, Telemetry & Command (TT&C) Services, Satellite Quality of Service Monitoring (QoS), In-Orbit Testing (IOT), Transfer Orbit Satellite Service (TOSS)

IntelsatOne Fiber Services

With the IntelsatOne IP/MPLS-based fiber network, you have reliable, efficient and flexible transport of your linear and non-linear media content across multiple regions. Also integrated with MCPC platforms and IntelsatOne Teleport services, you will be supported with end-to-end media delivery solutions and connections to media hubs, service providers and other customers in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. And, your services are entirely managed and monitored by Intelsat.

The IntelsatOne IP-MPLS based fiber network provides companies with a reliable, efficient and flexible means of transporting data across multiple regions. Designed to the highest industry standards, it gives customers true global reach through connections with Intelsat-operated teleports and numerous points of presence (PoPs) worldwide.

IntelsatOne Teleport Services can be combined with IntelsatOne Fiber Services to develop:

  • Global end-to-end network solutions
  • Custom solutions such as disaster recovery (DR) and virtual teleport

IntelsatOne Network Brochure

Intelsat Teleport Services


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