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Air Force Considers WGS Commercialization

Eric Moltzau interview

The prospect of commercialization took a big step forward toward becoming a reality in September when...

Stepping Up the Combative Strategy

Mitigating Satellite Interference and Jamming

Kay Sears of Intelsat General on Industry’s Role in Military Satcom Programs, Firm’s DC Area Presence

Kay Sears Interview

Sating the Appetite for Bandwidth

Asia Pivot

Size Matters in Development of Next-Generation Satellite Technology

Intelsat EpicNG and UAVs

Include Commercial Options in DoD Satcom Architecture

Kay Sears OpEd

U.S. eyes new ways to prepare and win future war in space

General Hyten and Dr. Merri Sanchez speak

U.S. Air Force moves toward common satellite control system


Commercial Space Eyes Greater Share

Defense News

US JSpOC to Start ‘Commercial Cell Prototype’ In Coming Months

Via Satellite

Solving the Government Equation: Tighter Budgets + Greater Needs = New Solutions

Government and industry are learning how to collaborate more effectively in order to overcome budget challenges and still meet warfighter bandwidth needs

U.S. Losing Lead in Satellite Technology

Adversaries leveraging commercial advancements are gaining ground