Flight and Ground Operations

Our highly qualified technicians have decades of experience flying satellites with over a dozen different busses from major manufacturers, both our own and spacecraft owned by other operators. By allowing Intelsat to operate your satellites, you save money and free up personnel for other critical missions.

In addition to relying on our operations center, you have access to a network of more thanĀ 400 antennas at 20 sites globally that transmit and receive signals in the C, SGLS, S, X, Ka or Ku satellite bands. This diversity enables you to match bandwidth and ground equipment to meet your operational requirements.

To ensure the resiliency of your network, we monitor all 75+ of the satellites we operate around the clock, every minute of every day. You benefit from our redundant flight operations centers in McLean, Virginia, and Long Beach, California. In the case of a natural or manmade disaster at either location, control of your spacecraft will continue without interruption.

Our satellite operations are highly automated, reducing the possibility of human error and creating a more affordable process. Our technicians select pre-approved commands from a command database, which are then validated and verified prior to transmission. We protect the integrity of both our flight operations data and the security of your information flowing over our network. We document and vigorously maintain our established procedures for commanding and controlling satellites. For command security, Intelsat employs a tactical combination of facility, RF, and command encryption practices to provide a layered structure for secure flight operations.

Satellite Flight Ground Operations Video