Admiral Haney on the Critical Role of Space as a Strategic Deterrent

As Commander of U.S. Strategic Command, Admiral Cecil D. Haney wears many important hats related to our nation’s defense. Lately as he has talked about US defense priorities he has mentioned some important factors about the critical role space plays in that defense.

Recently DoD news ran a story with a thorough review of Admiral Haney’s remarks during a discussion hosted by the Atlantic Council’s Brent Scowcroft Center. The discussion focused on strategic deterrence in the 21st century, and Haney specifically cited America’s superior space capabilities as a key piece of the U.S.’ strategic deterrence.



He also warned that Russia and China are working hard to develop counter-space capabilities:

As I’m sure you’re aware,” he told the audience, “they’re also developing multidimensional space capabilities supporting their access-denial campaign. But with more than 60 nations operating satellites in space, it’s extremely problematic to see China conducting missiles designed to destroy satellites.”

Haney testified in hearings held by the House Committee on Armed Services, Subcommittee on Strategic Forces at the end of February on these very concerns. Addressing the committee about the posture of U.S. strategic forces, his remarks again stressed how vital it is to maintain space superiority:

As articulated in the 2011 National Security Space Strategy, the space domain is contested, congested, and competitive. Our potential adversaries have signaled their ability to conduct hostile operations in space as an extension of the terrestrial battlefield, and consider these operations essential to deny U.S. forces the asymmetric advantages of space.”

To mitigate this trend, the U.S. continues to partner with responsible nations, international organizations and commercial firms to promote responsible, peaceful and safe use of space. We also strive to maximize the advantages provided by improved space capabilities while reducing vulnerabilities; and seek to prevent, deter, defeat and operate through attacks on our space capabilities.”

America is at a critical crossroads in space, with decisions to be made on next-generation technology that will keep our nation strong in space well into the future. Intelsat’s global satellite and terrestrial network maintains the highest standards of information assurance and we at Intelsat General, are excited about working with forward-looking leaders such as Admiral Haney to ensure the security of our space assets.

For more information on Information Assurance, click here for our white paper.

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